Prisma Sleek - Teal Gradient
Prisma Sleek - Teal Gradient

Prisma Sleek - Teal Gradient

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Prisma Sleek - Teal Gradient

Card Sleeves don't have to be BORING! The Teal Gradient sleeve is a new way to add some color and style to your deck.

  • Matte Finish
  • No Acid or PVC
  • Easy Shuffling
  • Specific for Yu-Gi-Oh 62x89mm


**PRE-ORDER** As a new sleeve brand we are doing everything to make sure the quality of our product and service are up to your standards. To be able to do this, our first launch is set as a pre-order to ensure consistent shipping time / pricing.

To celebrate the launch of our brand we are giving away a play set of Pot of Extravagance and an extra pack of sleeves! The number of entries is marked on each quantity of our sleeves. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Giveaway Ends June 31st. 2020